Unhealthy Obsession: Loblaws

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Loblaws was a grocery store that populated the Erie area when I was a wee lad.  It’s where I went shopping with my mom for No Name Cola and comic books and where I shopped with my grandma when she wasn’t well enough to shop on her own.  Every time I see remnants of the fallen store it takes me back to my childhood.


A load-bearing Loblaws logo at a Quality Markets in Erie

In the mid 90’s they sold some stores to Quality Markets and shut down the rest. I thought they were gone for good until I traveled to Toronto (another Unhealthy Obsession) in 2002 and found them all over Ontario.

lb-kingston1Loblaws display in Kingston, ON

My obsession has only grown since then. I’m now the proud lunatic owner of a Loblaws customer certificate (whatever that is) and the Loblaws board game (thanks, eBay).


Oh, and I’ve been kicked out of two Loblaws stores in Ontario for taking pictures like I’m some kind of grocery store terrorist.  No worries…I still love you, LB (even if you get into trouble sometimes).


Parking Lot Pimpin

The former Loblaws in the boarded up Harborcreek Mall has stood as a monument to the good ol’ days for about 15 years but it’s time is short-lived.  They plan 0n tearing it down this summer.


It’s a link to the past that I’ll miss, but my unhealthy obsession will carry on North of the border.

dotoLoblaws in Downtown Toronto


Wink & a Nudge

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There is an explanation for this.  More to follow.